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Cognitive, Emotional and Kinesthetic Wellness

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Focusing on restorative and ongoing health through movement, mindfulness, and understanding of the brain/body.

As our world continues to become more complex, and we are all recuperating from the effects of Covid, this 4th special will build on the foundations that all humans need. As neurologists continue to discover the need for cognitive, emotional (including social), and kinesthetic (body) care for optimal wellness, this class will help the students at ERE to accomplish these goals, so they can work with more complex tasks at any stage in their development. 

The activities in this class will help students' brains find balance and integrate with one another to provide more enhanced executive functioning strategies and to find overall joy.

Wish List for the Beginning of the Year:

1. Pre-packaged nut-free snacks

2. Water bottles

3. Papermate Flair Marker Pens

4. AA batteries

5. Mr. Sketch markers

6. Duct tape-fun colors

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Becky Johnson/


I have been a part of Douglas County since 2001 teaching in Castle Rock, Parker, and now Lone Tree. I have had many rich experiences teaching 2nd grade, Science, PE, Literacy, and for the last 8 years, 5th grade. I have a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Design and have deep-rooted beliefs that once students learn to build on their strengths and have a strong internal positive voice,  with GRIT and a growth mindset, the possibilities are many for their lives.

I live in Parker with my husband, my two teenage children, and our Goldendoodle, Willow. I enjoy biking, hiking, camping, reading, writing, and anything creative to fill up. I have a part-time business meeting with clients 1:1 for social/emotional care, and my certifications for this have strengthened who I am as a teacher. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about brain science this past year and it is so fascinating. I am excited to bring some of these understandings into the classroom.

My other passion is helping at a camp every summer in California called Gold Arrow Camp. I was a counselor and an Assistant Director there for many years, and now my kids have grown up learning about life with our "summer family". Camp is the best, and I cannot wait to bring some of the knowledge I've gained there to ERE in the health and movement class.

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7716 Timberline Rd, Lone Tree, CO 80124


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